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Financial data doesn’t lie. This organization does not appear to be struggling financially or in any danger of closing its doors for financial reasons.

As of this time, what remains unknown, because there is no available public data, is:

  • How many guide dogs are bred annually?
  • How many guide dogs are trained annually?
  • How many guide dogs are successfully placed with clients annually? (not including recalls and/or placement terminations)
  • How many guide dog teams are serviced/supported by Fidelco annually?

Donors to this, or any other charitable organization that provides guide dogs to blind individuals, might want to know those statistics. Exactly what is being accomplished, under the expense category of “program services?”

The financial data filed with the IRS by all registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundations is public information. Every piece of data in this collection was obtained directly from publicly available 990 forms filed with the IRS by Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation.

You should direct any questions about this financial information directly to Fidelco management at 860-243-5200. CEO Eliot Russman can be reached at erussman@fidelco.org; COO Julie Unwin can be reached at junwin@fidelco.org.

Where this financial data comes from

The data used is on the 990 data table page. All 990 data represented is found by viewing Fidelco’s yearly 990 forms here: